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Safety & Security

Georgia State is proud of its 100-year history in downtown Atlanta. The university’s proactive approach to safety and crime prevention has succeeded in minimizing criminal activity on campus and promoting greater awareness and security.

Through our commitment to a strong internal police department, and in coordination with our downtown partners, our goal is to do everything possible to ensure the safety and security of the campus.

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Safety Awareness

Students, faculty and staff have access to important information regarding how to keep themselves safe on and off campus. Whether in the classroom or on the way to an outdoor adventure, remember to be safe.


Risk Management

Risk Management administers the university’s self-insured and commercial programs, determines adequacy of coverage, assists departments with their insurance needs, facilitates the tracking of insurance claims, reviews insurance policies and presents reports.


Occupational Health & Safety

Faculty and Staff have a need to keep themselves safe and an obligation to keep themselves informed of safety rules and regulations relative to their positions at GSU. At the same time GSU accommodates the need for proper safety training by providing all the essentials.